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Buffer tanks & thermal stores

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We provide products for better energy efficiency in regular homes and for commercial use.
Our business is built on reliable technologies well-proven by many years of use.

Effective heating & energy saving products

Buffer tank act as a storage of heated water from central heating system.

Thermal store provide heat from central heating system, used also to for water heating.

Boiler combustion of accessible fuels like wood, oil, gas, wood-pellets, coal etc.

Window seal is used for better home insulation.

More heating products like cylinder insulation and accessories.

Other products

Pressure vessel work with pressurized air and gases.

Air receiver is fundamental part of a compressor and compressed system.

Central heating

Solutions and guides for different types of central heating systems.

Direct heating system based central heating sytems.

Indirect heating system based central heating sytems.

Hot water heating indirectly inside of a thermal store.

Cylinder insulation for buffer tanks and thermal stores.

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